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No fuel

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Been having issues, if you have read my other thread. I now have no fuel pressure, i pulled the cap off of the fuel bowl and cranked, the fuel level did not change. We have replace the fuel pump. Any thoughts
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Have tried both tanks. At this point I am not sure what is related, other than it is the same truck.
We did even put in another fuel pump just to make sure we didn't get a bad one .

Beginning to fear the worse. That it is done for.
Yes he checked the IPR sitting and when it shut down he was checking it on live feed. It checked out.
Here is what we have done. Disconnected the fuel supply line from the tank selector valve and inserted it in a fuel can. Truck runs great problem solved.... wrong. We then discovered that fuse # 6 controls the tank selector valve and the ac clutch, fuse is blown, problem solved ... wrong. put in new fuse and it blows, unplug the tank selector valve and fuse holds. so we plugged the selector valve back in and unplugged the tank switch in the dash... fuse holds. So if either end is unplugged fuse holds if both are plugged in the fuse will not. Has anyone had this problem and what was the fix. Dash switch not to expensive, tank control valve over 400.00.

One more bit of info, the fuel gauge is pegged to past full no matter which tank is selected.
Turned out to be the Tank Selector valve.

thanks for the help
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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