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no oil pressure

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Hi first time writer i have a 2000 EX and had to repo from some people that dump dirt in the oil removed the valve cover on the pass sire and vaccumed out all the rocks drained the oil and poured diesel down to flush let dry also found ipr to be stuck pulled apart and cleaned got oil pressure but no start then pulled hpop and found rocks in the screen in the resivor cleaned out everything got new pump and ipr installed and started right up drove 60 miles parked it next morning started right up drove a mile and died crancking no oil pressure wts light is coming on tach is moving any suggestions thanks josh
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If it was bad enough to have rocks :shocked: in the HPOP inlet screen, then they went thru the LPOP to get there. It may be worn enough that it can't pump any oil. I think that engine is toast. Running it before THOROUGHLY fllushing out everything, including the oil galleries was a bad idea. It probably has grit in the bearings and just about everywhere else. Time for a complete teardown and rebuild (if possible).
The low pressure oil pump is a gerotor pump a virtual rock crusher. The rocks sure didn't go thru there, ......
I agree, Bill, but I think the OP was using the term "rocks" a little too liberally. He probably meant grit, which would be the remnants of the stuff that got sucked into the rock crusher.... er .... LPOP. There is a path for unfiltered oil to get from the LPOP to the HPOP reservoir.

I still think the engine is history.
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