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no power steering or power brakes

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I'm turning right into traffic from a parking lot.. As I turn the wheel sharp I feel something give under the hood.. All of a sudden I have no power steering or power brakes.. I limp home 2 miles in the pouring rain in the night, fighting to stop and steer the the truck all the way home... I run inside the house to post this thread.. What has happened??
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Look at the hose that goes into the side of the steering pump. It runs from the pump to the master cyclinder. I lost this hose and they exact same thing happen. I don't have the part number, but ford has it for around $60-70 and Autozone has it for around $35 online. Napa here also has it. When installing the new one be very careful on the torque for the joint that goes into the pump. It is something like 16-18nm which is around 12ftlbs. I pop the hose a second time due to over tightening this joint. The joint is supposed to be able to move. Barely tighten in snug and call it good. Pretty easy to change. Get some fluid for the system as well.

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