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<p style="text-align: center;">We have good news and not-so-good news.
First, the not-so-good news.
You may have heard there is a 25% tariff on Chinese products coming into the U.S. You also may have heard that prices on Chinese-made products, like gears & axles, are going up 25%.
Coincidence? We think not. Conspiracy? Probably not.
<span class="text_exposed_show">
But the good news is, Nitro Gear & Axle has your six.
Nitro Gears are made from top quality steel and NOT made in China. That'll save you up to 25% on your parts.
Whether you’re just looking to re-gear in your garage, or do 500 re-builds a month, we’re still offering the best quality Nitro gears and axles at the same good ol' U.S.A. prices.</span>

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