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no response to cries for help

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Sometime after you switched servers I was unable to post. When I attempted to post my password was not "correct". Attempts to have my password e-mailed to me failed because there was "already an account on the e-mail address" or something like that.
I e-mailed you folks once, waited 24 hours and e-mailed again, waited another 24 hours and e-mailed once again. That was almost a week ago and no one has answered my polite requests for help.
I finally logged a new User Name to a second screen name and got back on that way.
I enjoy this site but feel that the complete lack of any response was wrong.
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It's usually difficult for us to respond very quickly due to the volume of e-mail we receive each day. A lost password is especially time consuming as I have to telnet into the server, find your account number, and look at the file to see what the password is. With the recent release, we've updated to only allow one account per e-mail address. That will help when you lose your address as the system can automatically e-mail it to you. The problem you had occurred because you had registered twice.

Remember that the site is still free with no paid people helping out with stuff like this. We are working on a better way of responding to technical problems with the site. We are however unable to respond to truck questions via e-mail at this time.



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