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New to diesels but I have watched A LOT of youtube sobasically I'm an expert (note to sarcasm). I have a 2007 F250 with 160k miles that I have had since 135K. Supposedly, it was "bullet proofed"advertised to be EGR delete and head gaskets replaced with studs. Turns out it also had stc, dummy plugs andIPR.
I replaced injectors at about 145k due to runningrough. Great success.
155k I started getting a long start when hot.
157kish, I had a no start that was the ICP
160k is where I'm at now. The truck started running rough and then not at all. I unplugged the ICP, and it ran fine. THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE BECAUSE THE ICP ISNEW. So I decided to change out commonparts for long start when hot and replace the ICP again to fix bothproblems. as mentioned before, the STChad already been changed but was loose. I hope this is the cause of the long start when hot. I put in new STC, dummy plugs, stand pipes,IPR, ICP and did a air compressor check for leaks. Everything went swimmingly but I have a no startwhich is very frustrating to say the least. I unplugged the ICP and still no start.
My xguage shows as below. 0 ICP, 85 IPR, 48 FICM, 0.23 IVC, 1 SYNC. Pressure check shows no leaks and HPOP is inproper position (I double checked :(
When I unplug the ICP it shows 1500 ICP, 69 IPR, 48 FICM,0.00IVC
Wiring harnesses looks good.
I have base oil pressure and I'm confident the HPOP isinstalled appropriately and this year model says the pump almost never goes badso I'm pretty sure I am actually getting pressure to the injectors so I don'tbelieve the ICP of zero on my xguage. But when I unplug the ICP sensor, ICP goes to 1500 but the ICV goes tozero and still no start. Is that causedby the FICM?
What am I missing?
Thanks in advance for your help. Diesel Tech Ron didn't have a video for thisone unfortunately.


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When the ICP is unplugged the ICP psig reading from the PCM becomes a default value.

I would look real close at the ICP sensor connector and wiring (again).

Did you use an OEM sensor or a cheap one?

Do you have cam/crank sync?
Do you have FICM Sync?
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