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no start with a strange fault code

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Hi all. My truck won't start for more than 2 seconds. I checked the codes and got #236. Under probable causes it says restricted inlet/exhaust/supply hose. Missing hose. Anybody have any idea what that is? Thanks in advance.
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I suspected it wasn't related to my problem. It will run for 2 seconds at the most. Most times it just tries to fire and gives up. I've been watching the hpop oil level and it seems to be dropping rather fast as I crank it over. This is so frustrating as I went through this last week and it turned out to be the batteries. Two days later I'm broke down again.
Well, it looks like its the oil pump pickup. I have no oil pressure when cranking. Inspected the oil pump and it looked fine but dry. I'll pull the pan tomorrow.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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