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No Wait To Start Light ?

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2000 F350 CC 4X4 with a 7.3L PSD, completely stock.

When I attempt to start the truck the wait to start light on the dash does not illuminate and the truck turns over fine but will not start. All of the other lights on the dash seem to work fine.

I drove the truck, it was running fine, and then I turned it off. I went to start it a couple hours later and this problem occured. Never had any sign of trouble prior to this hapening.

Has anyone had this same problem? What caused it and how do I fix it. Any help would be appreciated.

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What fuse did you check? On the 2000 do you still have the fuse block under the hood and the dash? Check fuse 30 under the dash. It is for the PCM and Fuel heater.
There is a PCM relay also..dont know what number that is. Definately sounds PCM related. (No WTS light and no start is an indicator of that) GP system is not really related to weather you have a WTS light or not,, just a convienence so to speak.
Yea,, I started to mention if he had a chip,,or had taken one out or put one in,,, maybe he fried the PCM doing it wrong...
But no chip in the sig,,,so I assume he doesnt have one.,,,but ya know what happens when you assume.... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/rolleyes.gif
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The fuse #30 is under the dash,, the PCM RELAY is also #30 See here I think,, anyway. hehe,, I have never had to mess with the Relay,, I do KNOW that the PCM/fuel heater fuse is under the dash,,and number 30,, been there done that! LOL
My heater is still unplugged!
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