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Noise: What is 'normal'?

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I put 500 miles on my truck this weekend and had a chance to listen to it real good. I hear what I want to call a lot of top end noise under load. It sounds like cam lobes hitting lifters or maybe valves - kind of a rattling type sound. I'm curious if this is considered normal in a 7.3.
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I went back mostly just to get the 7.3. I love the low end feel of the 7.3 and I don't miss the top end of the 6.0.

This was kind of an impulse buy, so no I don't have service records. The truck has 66k miles on it. I did an OASIS check and I drove it around a good bit and I crawled all over it before I bought it. The only thing I know of so far that I missed in my inspection was the breather. I found some dirt in there after I got it home.

The truck runs very strong, it doesn't smoke at all, I can't say yet if it uses oil, but in 500 miles it hasn't used any so far, and it appears to get great MPGs. I haven't refilled yet, but I'm at 450 miles on half a tank so far.

I guess I didn't hear this top end sound before I bought it - or I blocked it out and ignored it /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif. I guess I'd like to know if others hear anything like what I'm describing.

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Fuel tanks and senders are sneaky though. 540 miles now it's midway between 1/2 and 1/4. I'll refilll and check the actual mileage tomorrow.
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