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Noise: What is 'normal'?

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I put 500 miles on my truck this weekend and had a chance to listen to it real good. I hear what I want to call a lot of top end noise under load. It sounds like cam lobes hitting lifters or maybe valves - kind of a rattling type sound. I'm curious if this is considered normal in a 7.3.
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Well without driving it, that is a pretty hard question to post! Did you buy it from a dealer, if so I would ask the service rep to drive it. If not I would have a service rep drive it. The 7.3 is louder than the 6.0, but I love mine and you wouldn't catch me with 6.0. If you really think you have problems, it is always better to have it checked than to destroy the engine! Is there a reason you went back years?? Other than to get the 7.3?? What is the mileage? Did you get a maintanence record?
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