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O/D light wiring diagram.

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I have for awhile now wanted to do a floor shifter in the truck. and get rid of the column shifter. only problem is the OD light/switch. how does it work, is it just a momentary push botton and the PCM turns on the light??? also anyone know how many wires there are to the switch??

I can get a floor shifter with a push button on it, and then just put yet another /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif light on the dash for the OD off feature.

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Earlier E40d equipped trucks had a dash switch and light mounted in a little bezel. Something like that should work well. There are only three wires to the switch and LED. Yhe switch is momentary and PCM controls the cancel of OD. Having problems and I couldn't get a scan of the diagram, sorry!
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