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O2 Sensor Computer Code?????

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Hey all -

I'm new to the diesel world and have problems with my 1999 F-250. The check engine light has been on and off for a few months now and I finally have been able to have it read. When it is on, the truck runs like crap, and feels like it's not running on all of it's cylinders. Sometimes it will come on and stay on, other times it will come on for a few minutes and go away and run fine.

The code that came up is P0136 02 Sensor Circuit Malfunction (Bank I Sensor 2). Can anyone interpret this for me and tell me what I need to fix?

I originally thought the problem stemmed from the CPS recall that was not done, but since the code came up O2 sensor - I don't think that's whats wrong. Any and all help is really appreciated. Thanks!
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Thanks for the input. I am purchasing an edge evolution programmer/scanner this weekend to properly diagnose this and I will update you with the correct information. Thanks again!
Well i got the 1316 code replaced the pass side valve gasket and now it runs good however now i have another issue sometimes depending on where u have the gas pedal i;m getting a kinda hissing noise and its affecting power alittle bit kinda sounds like apluggeg up cat converter but i know it doesnt have one - i'm assuming it has something to do with the valve that closes the exhaust to warm up the motor? sounds like its messing up -any imput would be great and thanks for the help so far i appreciate it
"Hissing" in the exhaust system is caused by a closed or partially-closed exhaust back pressure valve (EPBV). Perfectly normal until the engine oil gets up to around 168° F.

Read my posts in the following links for more detail:

Thanks - they both helped out a lot -didn't realize my tranny not shifting into overdrive all the time might actually be a symptom involved with this.

Thanks again - you guys have been a BIG help :thumbsup:
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