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OEM Air filter

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Just how much air will I increase by an aftermarket air filter, Why can't I just remove the snorkel from my 6.0?

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Removing the snorkel is an excellent idea! I actually modded mine to still have a small shroud for the front of the filter element.

I have used my SCT to datalog the intake temps there is a short rise in intake temps only on takeoff. After 15MPH you will be pulling in ambient air temps. Doing the ZOODAD will increase the directed outside air flow to the front of the intake. The thought process that all you will do is suck under hood heated air is not accurate information.
I believe it may be part of the MAF, but I'd have to check. When I got my Live Link running on the truck you have a parameter selection menu. You select what things you want to monitor and log. IAT was one of them (inlet air temp). I selected that one plus a few others, when I started the truck and the logging the IAT was only a dgree or two off from my EATC. As I started driving IAT would increase slightly maybe +10* max, then would settle out as I reached 15MPH + to the same temp of EATC. When I stopped the IAT temp would start to rise after 2-3 mins standing still, then upon take off and reaching 15MPH+ would drop back down again to the same reading of the EATC.

Now I'm not saying this is gospel but I got the file saved somewhere of my log session. I have never seen any real proof to say all you pull in is underhood heated air with a modded intake (or snorkle removed) so I got the proof myself. I was kind of surprised with my results to say the least.
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Dude DON'T believe the S&B hype. I have read that "report" and while it shows some apparently good numbers S&B doesn't hold a candle to the OEM filter. In fact the OEM filter will hold more particles flowing more air LONG after the S&B has clogged up. IF you want me to talk about (easier on the phone) PM me your number and I'll call.

Here's what I did to my intake.

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If you read the S&B intake report the proof of the ability of the OEM filter to trap more dirt is right in the report. Read through all the first and second page. Then pay attention to the page titled "ISO 5011 Air Filtration Standard". It clearly shows at the top that the OEM filter will trap more particles (in grams) then the S&B by as much as 86%. WHat the report fails to show is the amount of particles required to reach the "Net Restriction" amount.
If the pretty "Restriction vs. Airflow" chart reflected the amount of grams in particles the intake trapped at those key points the OEM would be WAY far ahead of the S&B. 5011 Test Results for 75-5032.pdf

Don't believe the hype about S&B, the best part is they give you the results and it shows the OEM is MUCH better for airflow even when trapping dirt gram for gram.

Here's a link to the OEM filter manfacturer web site.
Engine Vehicle Air Filtration Products
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I can't say if the actual airflow increased, but it makes it much easier for the motor to pull air into the filter.
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