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off-road diesel

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just a general question that I had about off-road diesel fuel... Can you run it in a 7.3l, and what is the difference between regular diesel fuel and the off-road diesel besides the price... thanks new to the diesel era of trucks...
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its only $1000 for the first offense from good ole uncle sam if you get caught and yes I am speaking from experience
D.O.T. Truck enforcement checkpoint, they know what they are doin too cause they didnt even dip me they went straight to the filter drain I was like damn you guys are pretty smart
I've been running a diesel since 1997 and no one has ever asked to check my fuel. How does one get "caught" with this forbidden nector?

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The DOT or Highway Patrol will setup an inspection point witha sign that says "All diesel vehicles must stop".
I get checked on a regular basis here in western Arizona and Nevada.

$1000 minimum fine on first offense and an appointment with IRS auditor. (no fun)

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man you hit the nail right on the head! the big ?? is did you learn anything........I wont comment if I did
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well I dont think they are using it to fix the roads up here cause they suck!
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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