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Off topic heads up

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I purchased a trailer last year, and a King Bird cover for when it's stored. Well it was under the cover for 7 months, and when taking it off, we were shocked by what we found on the roof. The fabric had decompossed basically. The web site given by the manufacturer led us to a Financial institut
e, the phone number sent us to voice mail where we were informed the mail box was full, so lessons learned.
This was adverised to be heavy duty 5 layer UV protectes? Ha. Ok..
Just a head up folks, I am not happy with my King Bird cover, it's basically now junk
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for something like that, you need to read all of the Reviews you can find, on more than One website.

I have found the manufacturer will hire a bunch of zombies claiming "this is better than anything I tried", don't believe a word of that.

go find a website that will review that stuff...

this is way more Prevalent for cellphone apps to download,
98% or more of those, are vermin waiting to get access to your vital info
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