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Official 2009 IDI Rally Information

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Now the final campground information for the 2009 IDI Rally:
Where: Bowling Green, Ky KOA
When: Thursday 7/2/09 through Monday 7/6/09. You can stay as long as you want.
Contact:1-800-562-2458 (1-800-KOA-BGKT) or 1-270-843-1919.
Group Name:"Ford IDI Group" You can talk with anyone to make a reservation, but if they are having problems, just ask for Dan Goad (owner).
Sites:We have 25 sites booked THROUGH MAY 1ST 2009. They are A46 through A61 (all 30 amp full hook-up) $38/night.......and L202 through L211 (all 50 amp full hook-up) $41/night. 10% discount with KOA Kard. These are all close together and away from the office.
See map on website.
Other Options:Tent sites are close to RV sites (A12-A29) and are $29/night. Kamping Kabins are $69/night for one room and $81/night for two room. Lodges are $125/night and have a restroom/shower. There are only two and we have reserved one of them for Missy and I. As above, 10% discount with KOA Kard.
Day Guests:will have to give up $5/day or $8 to stay with someone over night.

You have to cancel two week before if you want your refund.

OK, so it is all sorted out. We had to weigh the bad and good of all the potential campsites and this is certainly our best option.

Please call and start reserving your sites, I hope we fill up and need more sites than the 25 above. If any questions, feel free email, PM or call us(see the BOOB contact list). If you need to know what the "BOOB" site is... PM me.

Heath and Missy
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thanks for the invite, sounds fun how many are you expecting and what kind of spot would i need for a pop up camper?
I expect 25-30 trucks, but I'm hoping for more. I'm trying to get TS Performace to let us use their Dyno during the rally either Thrusday, Friday, or on Monday. There will be other cool activites as well.

You'd only need a 30amp site with a pop up. Come on to Ky and bring a friend of two.

On the "other diesel site", 8 folks have already made reservations! Gary (icanfixall) is coming all the way from California.:thumbsup:

If you need anymore can PM me or just post it here.

Good News - 2009 IDI Rally

I talked with Dennis Perry (owner of TS Performance) last night. He is excited about being part of the rally and we are slated to be at the shop on Monday July, 6th. He and I are going to get together in person (hopefully Dec. 2nd) to workout the specific details (i.e. cost for runs on the dyno and whatnot). Hopefully, he will have one of the shop's 1200HP race trucks there as well.

Missy and I were wondering about intrest in other activites like: Corvette museum, Mammoth Cave, Railway Museum (for Mel..LOL), Drag Racing at Beech Bend, Holley Performance and so on.

Give me your feedback.:thumbsup:

I would love to come I guess I really need to get an IDI soon so I could feel "accepted" haha
I was really excited about coming to this when i first heard about it but if its over the 4th there is no way i can make it.
B-rad, I've gone to two rallies without my IDI. I still had a great time. Not a big deal, but it makes the rally much more fun when you have an IDI with you.:lol:

DSBS, Yeah, it is tradition to have the rally over the Fourth Holiday. The offical dates are 7/2-7/6, but some folks stay longer/shorter, depending on their schedules. Wish you could make it.:thumbsup:

I'm totally thinking about coming to the next rally. I would like to bring the blue bomber down and have the horses put to the test. :thumbsup: Besides, I haven't been on a good camping trip in a long time.

I used to do Banaroo music festival in TN, if I can do that, I can easily camp out at an IDI rally for a few days.

Nothing like driving a dump truck a good 300 miles to get the blood and nerves pumping again.

Think you could book any local bands to play. I'm a big fan of Bluegrass music.

WG, We'll be looking for you in July. If you want to tent camp (I did that my first two rallies) that will be fine. A12-A29 are tent sites right across from one of the rows of RV sites. You might get the "best work truck" award, as you're the only one coming with a true "work truck" so far.:thumbsup:

I don't know if I can find any Bluegrass Bands, but the birthplace of Bill Monroe is not far from Bowling Green.:thup:

TS Performance Dyno Information

Missy and I met with Dennis Perry (owner) yesterday. He is a great guy and I know we are going to have a good time at his shop. And without further delay....

We will dyno/tour TS on Monday July 6th. We are planning on being there at 10-10:30 am.

The dyno is a SuperFlow and it is supposed to be very accurate. More so than a Dynojet. He can give three standard HP/Torque measures with this machine. We can choose which one, but we'll all use the same measure during our pulls.

The TS dyno is quite can easily accomodate any truck coming to the rally. When we were there, he had a crew cab F550 (obviously a dually) strapped down and there was more than enough room.

Duallies do not have to remove the outer wheel.

Yes, they can accomodate stacks, bed and hood (I don't think anyone has a hood stack), single or double.

Cost.......$50 (the usual is $75 and up for most places you can dyno) and that is for three pulls.

The standard is for the dyno engineer (Clint) to operate the trucks on the dyno. This is what he does for a living. He is very good and will give the most accurate result. It is his butt on the line if he blows up or breaks TS's very expensive race trucks (motor alone can be up to $35,000). He also does all their "tuner" or "chip" testing.....doing pulls all day long. So, you will get a more accurate measure of your rig's power if Clint runs your truck than if you do. Also we are the first (and maybe only) event to make pulls on their dyno. At the annual TS "Outlaw" event, he has outside operated (trailer) dynos in the parking lot..........they don't use the shop's. So, we don't want to screw anything up by not knowing what to do on the dyno.

The shop is full of very clean/fast race trucks. They should be there for us to drool over while at TS. Check out their website for some PHOTOS.

Again, he is a very nice guy and he is giving us a good deal on the cost. It will be a very cool event. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Please call and start reserving your sites, I hope we fill up and need more sites than the 25 above.

Tenative Schedule of Events: (This will likely change, check back for updates)

Thursday July 2nd: Arrival Day #1, Meet and greet at the campfire.
Friday July 3rd: Arrival Day #2, Mammoth Cave National Park. Campfire introductions.
Saturday July 4th: National Corvette Museum. Drag Racing at Beech Bend – gate opens at 5pm
Sunday July 5th: Show and Shine in am. Pot luck meal and Chinese Grab Bag afterward.
Monday July 6th: TS Performance tour and DYNO! Departure day for some. Please see the above post for dyno details.

Beech Bend also has an Amusement Park and a Water Park. We can pick an afternoon or two to swim/ride if you guys are interested.......there is a group discount too.:thumbsup:

If any questions feel free email, PM, or call us(see the BOOB contact list).

Heath and Missy
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Mel (agnem) has gotten the shirt design together for this year's rally, and here it is!

Please see THIS B.O.O.B. SITE THREAD for shirt details! If you haven't signed up for the BOOB site............get it done already! The password needed to register is "BOOB".

:thumbsup:THANKS MEL!:thumbsup:

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As an update on the drag racing.....

I talked with Dallas Jones, owner of BEECH BEND and he will be able to have us there for the drag racing on Saturday the 4th. We will be racing just each other in kind of a special "IDI Bracket.":cool:

He talked about just having the entire track for us earlier in the day (yup the whole place would be ours). But, the cost of getting the crew to run the place and get EMT service would be cost prohibitive with so few trucks.:dunno

Anyway, we are part of the program for Saturday, July 4th.:thumbsup:

Who's going to race me?:rocker:

If anyone from TDS is planning on coming (if one has posted as such) you need to get your reservations made. All of the cabins are full! The only options left are RV sites, tent sites, or a hotel room somewhere. Only 15 weeks left.

Be nice to see you in July.

The events schedule has changed..........please see the above post as it has been edited.

We will delete the Railway Museum and will move the Mammoth Cave tour to Friday (7/3/09) am. The Show and shine will be on Sunday am with the pot luck and awards to follow.

Mel (agnem) will be doing his yearing timing clinic (he'll dynamically time your IDI for free) on Friday afternoon.

I'm going to rebuild a Borg Warner 1345 T-case on Friday as well.

Ron (dsl_dog_catcher) and Gary (icanfixall) will have injector testers and can pop test your injectors.

PLUS........Mel will bring me my Moose Injectors for their world debut and dyno.

PM or post with questions.

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Thanks Heath for all of the work that you are putting into this. It is going to be a great time

So far looks like about 20 Trucks in attendance! :thumbsup:

For anyone else,....If you are may be on the fence and truing to decide on if you want to attend the Rally this year, take 4 minutes and check out this video from the 2007 IDI Rally in Rising Sun Indiana.

YouTube - IDI Weekend 2007

Thanks for posting that video! I love it and I was thinking about putting it here as well......but you beat me to it!

ONLY ONE MONTH LEFT!!!!!...........The campground will only hold the camp sites until May 1st!! After that date, the sites will be open to anyone and they will fill quickly.

If you are thinking about coming........reserve your site now........before they are all booked up!:thumbsup:

If you book a site........please post or PM me with which site and your day of arrival and departure.

See you in July!

The IDI Rally made Diesel Power's List of "Not to Miss Diesel Events of 2009." And, it made the list for a's a great event with great guys/trucks.

Hope to see someone from TDS there...........time is running out to reserve your camp site.

The sites I have reserved for the rally will "OPEN TO THE PUBLIC" on May 1st which is THIS FRIDAY! That's just 3 days!

The site will fill quickly and if you are coming and need an RV site, you better get your reservation now or you might miss out unfortunately.:eek2:

The Rally approaches!! See you soon.


The reserved sites are open for any and everyone tomorrow!

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