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Oil Cooler and Delete ??

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I just started pulling a 29' 5th wheel and my EOT and ECT deltas are 15-18 degrees on average. I installed a coolant filter and switched to Zerex ELC in the last two years. Engine has 157K miles. I'm pretty sure my oil cooler needs to be replaced. Is this the time do to an EGR delete as well ? Should I do a delete ? Will I have to do a tune to get the computer from throwing a code ?
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Yes, pull it apart and do the oil cooler with the ford oem cooler. Make absolutely sure the kit you get comes with a ford cooler, some come with a dorman cooler and they are giving people issues. While you are in there pull the intake and delete the egr cooler. As long as they don't emissions test in your area you are good to go. Even if they do, if they don't visually check, it will still pass NOx emissions. Mid 04 and earlier will not give a light with an egr cooler delete. Mid 04 and newer will give a insufficient egr flow code. If your area emissions test is to check for codes or lights (some areas will automatically fail you if you have a light or code) then you will need a programmer to turn off the light. If your area does not care about lights or codes then you can leave it as is. The light/code means nothing. It will not hurt anything, in fact the code makes the truck use a different set of fuel/air tables. Gives you a little more low end power and less on the high end...basically what you want from a diesel. So since your cat is gone then i assume that means no emissions test... delete the egr and enjoy the warm glow from the light... Just periodically scan for codes with your SG2 to make sure nothing has popped up. You can delete two ways. Pull the egr cooler and have somebody weld in steel freeze plugs and put it back together or get a delete kit. Either way is perfectly fine. The first is is a pain changing out the passenger side up pipe for one that doesn't have the branch for the egr cooler plus the first way will also pass a visual inspection since it is all still there. Leave the egr valve in place and plugged in. Good luck
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The square is the later style egr cooler, you want it gone. If it isn't currently leaking coolant pull it and run it by a local welding shop and have them weld up the inlet/outlet. Then reinstall it. A delete kit is like $250, so doing it this way will cost about the same (or less) and it will still look stock.
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