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Oil in exhaust pipe

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So. I have oil coming down my exhaust pipe right after starting the truck up. White smoke. When the truck warms up it is fine. No issues. I've been doing some reading and am thinking it is the turbo. No milky on the dipstick. Came here to get some more opinions. What do you think fellas?
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Could also be the start of head gaskets... You say it is oil, is this because it is black? If so then have the pressures checked because when I first bought my diesel used about a week went by and I had the same issue. Thought it was oil and it was actually radiator fluid that had turned black from the exhaust! Had it bulletproofed with a head gasket job and she runs like a raped ape!!
A head gasket job is about $3,000 give or take depending on location, the MODs added approximately another $3,100 but I had EGR Deleted, ARP Studs, Custom Exhaust and a Livewire+ tuner installed
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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