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Oil leak from dipstick housing??

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I have an oil leak coming from where the dipstick goes into the block, and the mechanic that is looking at it is saying he has to pull the motor to repair, is this right?? Seems like alot of work for what needs to be repaired, so he is estimating $800-1,000 to pull motor and repair?? Anyone have some input for me, i just don't want to go to a bunch of extra work and money if that isn't the case. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif
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Read this...

Credit to No Neck Shreck for this:

You can relpace the inner o-ring without removing the pan. It just take alittle time and patience.
First remove the starter,then remove the dipstick tube(upper), clean the adapter off with brake clean, then (most important) using a coat hanger, bend a small V at the bottom of the hanger and push it into the dipstick adapter leaving enough of the hanger to tie to the frame of the truck (check that is the V is inside of the adapter and won't pull out easily, trust me on this! ) Remove the outside nut, clean the adapter off again(inside the pan and outside the pan), change out the o-ring (put alittle silicone on the new o-ring so it stays inplace), CAREFULLY reinstall the outside nut (very easy to cross thread, if you are trying to hurry!)fight to remove the hanger you pushed into the adapter, reinstall upper dipstick tube. Drain oil & brake clean mixture, change filter, refill oil, start truck check for leaks !

Hope it helps...
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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