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Just bought a ‘93 factory turbo idi. Which I knew had some problems before I bought it. For one, there was definitely a fuel leak/air intrusion some where. It was hard to start and when you’d turn it off you could hear all the fuel rush back to the tanks. Also, it needs all new glow plugs. The relay is constantly clicking and the glow plugs are visibly disintegrated.

anyway, I took the air cleaner off and was gonna hit the glow plugs with some pb blaster, but I saw that literally everything was black. Covered in oil, or maybe fuel.. not sure. The fire wall is covered in oil, so is the engine valley. See attached pics.

also, when i removed the air inlet to the turbo there was oil in it. I wiped it out before the pic. Would the oil in there be coming from the PCV valve? Or is the turbo leaking?

idk. I feel like with all the oil all over this engine valley and firewall, the source of it should be obvious. But alas, my brain is smooth and smoll.

anybody here have an idea of what I’m up against ? Thanks


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