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Oil plugs injector?

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Let's just say that the air intake was sucking a significant amount of oil out the crankcase and was feeding it mostly into #1 and #2 cylinders. Air filter is plugged so it's not getting all the air. would all this oil, lack of air, unburnt diesel in the cylinder possibly plug the injectors?
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It did have black smoke, but after I changed air filter I have white smoke. What I read it is either bad injector or low compression. but here is the kicker, at idle light blue smoke than when I hammer down and hold high rpm bellowing white smoke. Any ideas
Also on my mod engine the engine crankcase breather is tied into the air intake right before the turbo than air goes through turbo has boost goes through air to air than feeds in to #1 and #2 cylinders
My mod engine is a dual turbo 442 Mercedes 8 cyl engine diesel. I just asked the question in this forum to see if you thought the oil could plug a injector.Sorry for the you think it's possible?
The engine has about 7000 hours. It has been burning about a gallon of oil a day.original injectors in it. The engine sounds normal at idle and full throttle. Thanks for all the info. There are no Mercedes diesel forums or repair manuals for that matter.
With broken rings or cracked piston etc, how much metal would you find in oil and oil filter? I removed filter, cut one end off and pulled the paper out. It unfolded like a according and the heat of the day drained oil off paper and there were some shavings but only a few.
I don't have tools for a compression test
Yes it is a mercedes engine you should move the thread. I did not know you had a general diesel forum.thanks for the info.i am buying a compression tester.what is a cylinder contribution test?
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