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Oil Pressure Guage

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Well I was rooting around on O'Rielly's website the other day and ran into their clearance section and found this Auto Meter oil pressure guage $60 value for $15. What a steel so called my local store they didn't have one but another store not to far did so I had it sent over picked it up the other day. P/N: 3421 it is a mechanical guage which I guess means I don't use a sender I have to run an oil line from guage to the engine. So much for just hooking up a wire.
I guess it probably still isn't a bad deal, my question is what and where do I get a line for this.
I googled it and ebayed it and looks like I could pick up one ready to go but in my DIY frame of mind I wonder if I could just get bulk line and ends and DIM.
I also have a local truck shop that I like doing bus with and I think they do Hyd hose lines so maybe they can hook me up.
What are some of yalls experiences or opinions on what I am about to partake in?
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normally it's teed off from the oil pressure sender switch.

There is also a main galley port at the rear D/S down pretty low, you can get to it from beneath
I think the tee is what I'll do with stainless braided line if I can get it inexpensively.
I just used the scrawny plastic stuff that came with the kit, but I did wrap it in some silicone vacuum tubing I had lying around for protection. I'd have used 1/4" cooler tubing if I didn't have that.

Well just got it all hooked up, I went ahead and went over to my local truck parts guy it really pays to do business with the locals. He had an "extra" piece of hydraulic hose laying around which is waaaayyyy more hose than I needed but he didn't charge me a dime for it its about 4' long which at the time I wasn't sure was going to be right. So all he charged me for was a brass "T" (2 female and 1 male inlets), 1: 1/4" to 1/8" reducer, 1: 1/8" union, and 2: 1/8" elbows total was $20 and change. Sounded good to me.
BTW the hose was longer than I needed.

Heres a pic of the piping setup at the turbo:

I put it in the radio slot getting tired of looking at an empty hole with wires hanging out!

Here she is at IDLE:

Here is stock at IDLE:

Here she is at 2 grand:

Here is stock at 2 grand:
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Gauge might be a bit big to be able to fit boost and pyro in there too. Not sure, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. The sooner O'Rielly's gets matching boost and pyro in there clearance the sooner I'll find out!!
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