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Oil type/brand question

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I THINK this would be the right forum, if not feel free to move it.

ok, I have a 2000 7.3. Ive read on here that there is one brand that is top notch, lasts as much as 20K if you use the FASS system and do the scheduled tests. i wont be doing that so Ill go maybe 8K and change it. I have synthetic in it now (something from citgo) but want to run the best I can get. Im conservative so even w hen I ran conventional, I only went 3K. I cant for the life of me find that oil now that i want to find it. If I cant find it soon Ill just get some Amsoil from the local diesel hi-po shop but if its not a huge difference in cost I was thinking of getting this other stuff. it was an odd name thoguh. anyone know wh at it'd be? Im sure tons of you use it, just figuring out what Ive seen so many times here now that i want it...


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i use considerably lower intervals than recommended...
I followed a trace of smokeywren's post and FINALLY found a comment from someone that had it, heres the copy /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif


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I used both the Delo 400 and the Delo 400LE and did not noticed a difference in my oil analysis reports (2 of them with the Delo 400LE). Hammer69 turned me on to Schaeffer's series 9000 5W-40 (and there 7000 series 15W-40) and I have been hooked on that since. But I have nothing but positive comments about any of these 3 since the oil analysis reports beat the pants off most other oils.

its Scaheffer's! So where do I get it?
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Now I gotta figure out what type of it to use...

I dont have bypass setup...
See, i talked to the closest dealer to me and he said to get 15/40. I guess it'd be fine though. I live in a fairly warm climate, well thsi time of year. its gonna be 90s most of the summer.
Well igot mine today, but its 7000 series. they said they had never even heard of the 9000 stuff /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif
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