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My name is Douglas, I live in Maurice, LA. I just recently purchased a 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD with the Duramax diesel engine. I think I got a good vehicle with only 35000 miles.

I got an extended warranty with it for 3/36000 so I will not be modifying it so as to prevent the warranty company from denying any engine claims I may have. I will be adding a FASS 95GPH Lift Pump and a Nicktane filter pad so I can run a Cat 306-9199 UHE fuel filter.

I already have them but Im a Helicopter Pilot in the Gulf of Mexico and work a 14/14 schedule (14 days on and then 14 days off). I will be installing them on my first day off in a couple weeks or so.

I am on here hoping to learn and pick others brains for knowledge about how to maintain and manage the new toy.

In advance, MANY THANKS!
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