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F250 crew cab, lariat, RWD, short bed, Job 1, 400 flash, 23467 miles, 628 hrs, 96 idle, avg mpg 14.3, average mph minus idle 44.1 with idle 37.3. Use almost exclusive towing at GCVW 16,600 to 19,500. Haul routes from
Slidell, La thru Amarillo, Tx then up and down NM, CO, WY & MT. Problems limited to minor oil pan seepage dealer found at about 7000 mile oil change due to loose pan bolts, interior lights would not turn off twice at around 500 miles but self healed, and annoying whine on cold starts below 40 degrees F. No tranny shift problems or other driveability concerns other than tends to spin rear wheels when starting with trailer and no bed weight. Performance very good, maintains hwy speeds towing on all grades in mountains including steep pulls from Vernal, UT to Dutch John and the much discussed but significantly easier I-70 runs across Eisenhower Tunnel. Unloaded mpg varies a lot with speed but at 70 is about 18 and 60 is around 21 with no wind. Truck sat idle mid Feb-mid April. Tires rotated and balanced @10k miles and 20K miles; tread depth is 9/32 and uniform across all 4 tires, spare not put on ground. Truck not perfect, dependable so far, quiet, comfortable and cannot say enough about the A/C seats, they are simply cool.
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My 2011 needed brake pads at 25,000 miles and the trans slips between 1st and 2nd about one or two times each week. It used to lose power when new but Ford fixed that problem. Other then that it is a great truck.
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