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Ordered Wenesday, VIN Today!!

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Well I am amazed. My order got entered on Wednesday and my salesman called this morning to say he already had a VIN. I guess my truck will be here sooner than I thought.

I ordered an F-350 CrewCab Shortbed XLT 4x4....

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I've got you beat. I ordered a F350 on Feb 19 and I'm still waiting for it to arrive at the dealer. Dealer ran a trace on it last week and it found out (after many phone calls) that it was on a railcar in Chicago and scheduled to be shipped to Maryland. It's supposed to be shipped to Alabama. It was built almost 5 weeks ago. My fun meter is about to PEG!!!!
At least my truck has good company. The dealer has 4 Crown Vic police cars in the same boat (er railcar) as my truck. Does anyone know the best place at Ford to complain so I get some action?
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