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Orfice fitting on filter

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What is inside the fuel return line orfice to the filter top mnext to the schrader valve. Did a clear line check for air and had lots of air back to the filter. Couldn't blow or suck thru the orfice, so ran a needle thru it and retried air check, now the air goes back into the filter and clears to solid fuel. There seems to be some kind of check (rubber ?)inside the fitting. Motor seems to run alot quieter now. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shrug.gif

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I order a new Orfice fitting today from the ford place. As i am having starting problems and there are no spring in the check valve orfice fitting any more. The new ones must have a rubber reed valve or something. The one i took out of my filter houseing has no spring. But ford parts man says this is the rite one i need. I should get it tomorrow and see what it looks like.
I got the new little check valve today and installed it. It was made just like my old one with no ball or spring.
I tried to blow thru the new one and could not blow thru either end. But a human only has about 2 or 3 psi blowing i think.

The part number for this valve it E9TZ 9K061 A.

That part number is for my 91 E350 but i looked at the diagram on the computer at the ford dealer and it is the same number for a pickup.

I thought this was my problem because i was having spells of having to bleed my filter to get it to crank. But it was doing the same thing after i replaced the valve. I fixed the problem as i had pin hole in the rubber line between the fuel pump and the frame line.
Now that i have changed that hose and the new valve it sure fires up fast.
I am glad i changed it as it had gray paint on it. I do not think it was working because i could blow thru both ends.
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I forgot to say how much the valve cost. It is $18.50
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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