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OTW Back-flush

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Does anybody have any suggestions on back flushing my OTW portion of my radiator? I know some have said they have just used clean ATF fluid, a friend suggested using mineral spirits to clean up the gunk and help clear it out of there. I know that stuff is flammable and I would have to flush it back out with ATF fluid again. Any other product suggestions? Thanks
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If you want it really clean, flush it with some sort of degreaser (Simple Green, maybe), then with ATF. To be absolutely sure anything in the cooler doesnt' get into the tranny, you should install a Magnefine filter in the return line back to the tranny. That's Ford's recommendation anytime a tranny blows up. Keeps any particles that might be in the system from getting into the new tranny.
Thanks for the advice, will do. The first Ford dealership here yesterday (while I was picking up a new Tranny pan filter) didn't have any in-line filters. I'll find one today.
I got one at a NAPA store. They had them on the counter with their label on on them, but it was a Magnefine under the label. They also had them listed as an automatic transmission filter kit with hose stubs and clamps.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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