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Overdrive switch shoots fuses

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When I disable the overdrive it shoots the fuse and I lose my instrument cluster. It's a 2000 excursion v-10. It also won't start back till I replace the 10 amp fuse that blew. Any ideas?
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your modle year is prone to have a chafing wire that shorts out in the shift stem for the OD button. Do some searching in the general forum for "Larrys little secrets" there are listed the steps to fix in here some place.
Try the general forum for "OD wire short"

Also was some discussion on FTE (www dot FordTrucks dot com) in the SuperDuty Heavy Duty forum.

I just remember reading about it back a few years ago.

You might drop Larry a PM and see if he can dig up the fix.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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