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overheating after presure wash

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Today I changed the power steering pump, after I was done I presure washed the front of the motor as the pump was leaking. Whent for a ride a few hours later and the temp gauge shot to the top right away. Back at home I cleaned all the pullys with some laquer thinner, tried again, temp shot up again. Squezed the top rad hose hot but no flow, checked the bottom rad hose and its cool. Also turned on the heater in the cab and it is throwing a lot of heat. I'm thinking the thermostat is stuck, any help would be great. Also is the thermostate beside the alternator on the top rad hose. thanks in advance for any input.
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That price is friggin' outrageous. Here are the part #s for the senders, go to autoparts store and have them cross reference the #s. Probably lots cheaper. OkieG

Engine temperature sender--magnetic gauge F1SZ-10884-A
Engine overheat switch--light F3TZ-10884-A
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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