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Hey everybody,

As you can probably tell I am not only new to this site but new to the world of diesel trucks too and I would love to pick your brain, ask for your advise, ask for your honest opinions and just some general questions.

With that, let me tell you what I'm going to be towing and you can help me make an informed decision. My wife and I are getting ready to purchase a 32' travel trailer (loaded weight 10k). She does not want to even entertain a fifth wheel so that is out. I've talked to all my friends who have trailers, who pull horses and they all had 2 things to say.... go diesel and go big (or go home). After some research, I agree but cannot decide. My absolute limit is 20k, Mileage within reason doesn't scare me, I have an 01 F-150 with 213k that runs like a champ but alas won't pull the trailer. So the wife agreed to let me get a "new" truck.

The general consensus from well meaning friends and family is this:

If Dodge or RAM: 3500HD SRW or DRW, 2004 or newer, 6.7L diesel. I want also... Power windows, seats, door locks, wired for trailer, bed has to have full liner.
If Ford: F-350HD SRW or DRW, 2008 or newer, 6.4L or 6.8L NO 6.0L. Again, I want... Power windows, seats, door locks, wired for trailer, bed has to have full liner
If Chevy: Silverado 3500HD SRW or DRW, 2008 or newer, 6.6L diesel. Again, I want...
Power windows, seats, door locks, wired for trailer, and bed has to have full liner

Now the wife is a Chevy girl, I love my Ford but never owned a Dodge. I'm not ruling anything out. Suggestions, comments? What should I stay away from? What do I look for? Websites I should read? Etc.

I appreciate all the help, love, and support in advance.

I forgot to mention I am looking right now at a 2012 Ford F350 2WD Crew Cab Super Duty, 6.7L V8 OHV 16V DIESEL, 130k miles for about $17,600.

Steve in Murfreesboro Tennessee

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The motor in the dodge is what the truck is worth. It will just about go 1000000000 miles but the rest of the truck around it most definitely won't. The Chevy is nice but there's a reason your wife likes it.... ? It's a girls truck. (Pun intended) the 6.7 Ford is a beast. But it comes down to what your preference is the Chevy is plush the dodge is gritty and the Ford is well a Ford! lol my decision would be to buy a Ford 2006 remove the engine and trans (I personally like them) and install a Cummins and Allison transmission it will go 1000000000 miles and the truck will go with you. To bad Ford can't get a Cummins factory option I bet they would sell out pre order. Nissan sales have gone up since there new upgrade but my opionion is they don't belong in the same class as Ford Chevy and Dodge.
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