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The truck is missing and it's throwing code P0268 #3 Injector Circuit High. It has 207k Miles. This is a new truck for me, the previous owner spent 12k having a shop putt in new Injectors, FMIC, HPOP, updated EGR Cooler, Oil Cooler and other various "Bulletproofing" type upgrades the compression was also tested and is strong. I got it cheap because of the miss. I did a buzz test and #3 didn't buzz. I put new Rotella T6 with Archoil 9100 but #3 still isn't working, the truck is definitely running on 7 cylinders. The wiring harness was replaced by the previous owner so I don't think the harness is an issue. To test it, I plugged #5 wire into the #3 injector and it still didn't buzz. The truck had all 8 injectors replaced with Dtech remans less than 2 years ago. Could this be caused by stictition, or is it a true electrical short? If it is electrical, is it something that can be repaired without buying a new injector, or should I just buy a new injector? Thanks for all the help!
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