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P0272 question

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e99 F250 7.3L 4x4 ccsb 295000 miles. constant p0272, clear it and it comes right back. it pops up on CCT also. I know I need to compression test it and possibly have the injector rebuilt, but which cylinder is it? I have seen that it is cylinder #4 and I have seen that it is Cylinder #4 in the firing order. Is there a difference? Which cylinder/injector should I be concerned about?
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Well....pulled the valve covers this weekend to do compression testing. The compression tests came out reasonably well (about 350 -360 psi) on all cylinders, I'm guessing thats ok for a 293k mile truck. I did notice that cylinder #4 has a newer "AD" injector. All other injectors were a darker brown "AB". Can "AB" and "AD" be mixed? Can I go all AD without flashing or special Tunes? Is there something else I can check, to see what injectors I should be using?
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