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p0460 code

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My fuel gauge has been inconsistent for month's. Sometimes it indicates a full tank when I know there is only a 1/2 tank. This morning while at a stop light I heard the low fuel tone, the fuel light was on and the gauge indicated empty.
I shut the truck off then started, know its completely full.

Pulled a code p0460. I looked it up several times but it all goes back to the 6.0.
Any ideas before I start looking into what my 2003 7.3 might share with a 2003 6.0.
Thank you JPC
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Thank you for the reply Woodnthings.
I have pulled the tank since this has been happening. The float was working properly at the time.
I agree with the sender sense it is working properly, totally full or completely empty.

I will look into a new sending unit now.
Thanks again
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