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P1211,P0470,P1670,P1000,P0683 Help!

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Ok so truck runs fine but im getting these codes and it doesnt seem to have that much power. Im not sure where to start? do you think a bad PCM? I am unable to do datalogging with the cortex or my computer and Palmer engineering software. Where should I start? thanks guys its a 2000 excursion 7.3 with straight through exhaust and K&N filter.
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By codes here is a list of stuff I would check into a little more. CPS, ICP and EBPS.

You have a CPS (cam position sensor) code. Buy one from Ford and throw it in your glove box just in case.

an ICP (injector control pressure) code. Unplug this sensor with the engine is running, if the tone of the engine changes much replace with a new ICP.

an EBPS (exhaust back pressure sensor) code

First thing I would do is clear your codes and see what comes back. The P1000 code just means your code reading software screwed up along the way and didn't fully finish reading code.
the fuse is fine as it will connect but then loses its connection. and the cig lighter works.

today it took six tries to get the truck to start....seems like a glow plug related issue ... I did get a code for glow plug control module not communicating properly to the pcm
It is Highly possible the software you are using is not compatible with our trucks. There are only 1 or 2 companies making (consumer) code reading software for our trucks
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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