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Part # for CPS

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Part # for CPS

Does anyone have the part number for the CPS from International. I heard they are a bit cheaper than the dealer. Any sugguestions on other good sources for a replacment cps to fit a 2001.


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Re: Part # for CPS

This is taken from "Larry's Little Secrets", whem you get a chance you should check it out he has gathered a ton of information for us to refer to. (I don't know how to post a link)

"The change in CPS #'s started in mid 1996. The old CPS had tin ? or tin colored contacts and was used in engine #'s below 375548, and the new one which has gold ? or gold colored contacts on all engines above that #.

The International # for the old CPS is 1821720C99.

The International # for the new CPS is 1825899C93."
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