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I have read many posts regarding swapping the leaf springs on the Ex. I consider myself a fairly mechanical person, but my head is swimming with part numbers. When I think I have it figured out, I found out that the part numbers for my 05 are different.

Please let me know if I have this right;

V codes for the front, and B codes for the back. If I understand correctly, the B codes are the same as on a 05 F350 SRW. The V codes are the same as on a F250. Is this correct? Can somebody please post the exact part numbers of these springs? I would like to order them by Fri. Are there any other parts required? If so, part numbers please. Also, there is a plate or spacer from the stock spring that has to be used?

I just read a post regarding poor instructions that came with the Hellwig Rear Sway Bar. Bruce suggested to go with the Ford part. Please post the part numbers for both. I will probably just go ahead and order the Ford part with the Springs.

Is a leveling kit needed on the Ex? It doesn't seem the sit ass high like the trucks do.

Part numbers for the Bilstein shocks would be great too.

One last question, is there anybody in the Las Vegas area that is familiar with swapping the springs that I could lean on a little. I plan on having a shop do the work, I would just like to be able to call with any questions.

Thanks in advance,
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