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I am having trouble starting the motor. I can stand on the throttle and it just doesn't want to start. Once it actually starts up, it has to warm up to actually idle. It shakes a lot, which indicates to me that there is a problem with one of the cylinders/injection nozzles. I got it started today on ether and touched the exhaust manifold on the driver's side...all 4 were hot. I then touched the passenger side exhaust manifold and all were cold. It seems to me that the passenger side is not getting fuel, electrical signal for the injector nozzles, or is not getting oil pressure.
Upon recommendation of the trouble codes returned from a scan, I replaced the Camshaft Position Sensor (CPS), Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor, and the glow plug relay. I was also told that the valve covers have the wiring harness go through for the injection nozzles. I took the valve cover off and checked for continuity all through the internal harness, gasket and plug-ins and they all seemed fine. Nothing was melted or frayed and it all looked almost new.
I have also replaced the fuel filter and changed the transmission and engine oils. I checked to make sure that they are at proper levels because I know that low oil level can affect the performance of the injection nozzles.
My check engine light is not on and no codes come back from a scan at the local shop. I am not sure if the problem is due to a bad Injector Driver Module (IDM), but I would think that that would bring up a check engine light/code.
The only thing that I think it could be is a fuel delivery problem, i.e. clogged fuel line or something like that. I really have no idea and I haven't ever worked on diesels before. I have experience with gassers but these PSD boggle my mind. Hopefully I can get more of a crash course than I have gotten in the past week since I bought this truck from some helpful people on here. THANKS very much for your help.

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I would take off that valve cover on cold side and see if oil is shotting out of oil spouts. If no oil is shooting out then you either have low HPOP pressure to that side or you are not getting power to 4 injectors on that side. If no power then no oil will shoot out.
If you get oil out of spouts, unplug all 4 injectors and crank it and you should NOT get oil. If you do now then you have injector problem. If all looks good then,You could remove an oil gally plug on that head and crank it over watching for oil to pour out. Better thing is to chek HPOP with a gauge in that hole that plug came out of.
Also read up on checking further here.

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