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Pensacola Injectors

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I need new injectors for my 93 idi turbo and was looking at pensacola reman injectors - Pensacola Fuel Injection | Worlds #1 Diesel Rebuilder - FORD 6.9L - 7.3L :: INJECTORS :: SET OF 8..1993-94 7.3 TURBO REMAN Injectors (No Cores) - is this a trustworthy brand? Will they work well?
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When I clicked on your link it started with Pensecola Diesel. Lots of members have reported low quality and customer service issues with them. Maybe they have changed Their name?
I have an injector pump from them and so far no problems
good to hear. I tried to find "pensecola Diesel" and it keeps taking me to the pensecola fuel injection site. I have seen a number of posts complaining about injectors from there. And one of the complaints was in one of the Powerstroke forums. I think it was the 6.0 but I can't remember off hand.

NO ONE has had a bad thing to say about MidWest Fuel Injection ( site Sponsor)

Diesel performance parts and accessories. Diesel injectors, pumps, filters, kits, additive, gauges and apparel.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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