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Please Help - Early 99 Brake Question

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I have a early 99 (April 98) F250 4x4 x-cab. I have redone the front brakes a couple of times and have no problem with them. I am about to do the rear brakes for the first time. Is there much difference in the front and the rear or what should I look out for on the rears?? Are the rotors or the calipers hard to remove or do they come off same as the front?? Any help with this project would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shrug.gif
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One vehicle, parts store 10 miles away. Buy the ebrake shoes if you use 'em a lot, return 'em if you don't need 'em. Course that adds at least a c-note. Why are those things so expensive?
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