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Ok so I picked up a running 94 7.3 turbo with 243k miles the truck runs decent at idle. IT WILL DIE if I go over 40mph not sure where to start... Also have a leak at the top of the turbo on a small metal line not sure what this piece is called . But any ways where do I need to start?
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Ok I did check the filter by unscrewing the knobby nut and got old fuel a little water and then clean fuel....... Started up went a few miles ran good even got it up to 60 then boom dead.... Pulled over hung out.... Started it up got about 4 miles at 30mph then dead again... Drove a total of 15 miles just to get it to the house and died 4 times. The battery terminal clamps are not in good condition at all either
I'm sending the wife tomorrow while I'm at work to pic up a new fuel water seperator or fuel filter as the guy at autozone insist it be called lol. I also replaced the fuel line that jumps from driver side of motor to I guess is a throttle body because the old one was crap and it didn't help.
Ok the line came across from a piece that was on the motor under the intake and came across to center top of the motor... It has the throttle cable on the side of it
Ok not sure if this photo will upload. This is not my engine but the line right under the intake that has the red hose clamps and runs from the metal line over to the throttle body is the line I replaced I measured the old line and replaced it with the exact same length of new line


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Googled 94 f250 7.3 and it was one of the first ones. it's late didn't wanna walk out in the rain to get picture. Anyways could fuel pressure be the problem?
Yep that's the pic lol. How do I check my fuel pressure. I believe that's my big issue... Bought lines to replace the ones we talked about. Also replacing fuel filter today.
Ok changed all the return lines got the filter changed and battery connections changes and it runs pretty good was only able to do about 45 and drove maybe 3 miles but it didn't DIE!!! Think we fixed the fuel problem now I have to tackle the valve cover gaskets and the line on top of the turbo
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