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Ok so I picked up a running 94 7.3 turbo with 243k miles the truck runs decent at idle. IT WILL DIE if I go over 40mph not sure where to start... Also have a leak at the top of the turbo on a small metal line not sure what this piece is called . But any ways where do I need to start?
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The metal tube on the top of the turbo is the oil feed for the turbo shaft. The end of the tube has a gasket (grommet) that is sealed by tightening the nut. If it can't be tightened any more the grommet needs replacing.

Next time it dies, pull over and check the fuel filter. If it's not full then you have a fuel delivery issue. Post up your results and we can proceed with possible causes/remedies.
Is it one of these lines:

That is part of the fuel return system. You could be sucking air into the system. Is it the one from the injector to the "throttle body" ( the big thing at the front with 8 steel lines on the back of it?
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The piece with the throttle cable is the Injector Pump. Sounds like a return line and the system may have been altered. The lines are attached to plastic caps on the tops of the injectors and return unused fuel back to the tank and to the IP to cool it off.

The picture I uploaded is the routing that is used in a turbo charged engine.
That is a fuel return line. BTW, where did you find that pic? Looks like it may be mine.
Sounds like some sort of fuel issue. That pic is from my photobucket account. It's in my powdercoating album. I did the air cleaner box, here's the original photo:

Was the line leaking? If so you probably should replace the whole return system. It is getting late, family guy is on so we'll continue this tomorrow.
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Fuel pressure gauge at the schrader valve. Should be 4-6 PSI.

Then test for volume: remove valve core, route a hose to a suitable container. Disconnect the Fuel Shut off solenoid. It's on the top of the IP on the Drivers side FRONT connector. Crank for 10 seconds, should get 1/3 pint minimum.
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