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Please help! Truck cutting out on hills.

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So I just got home from a fishing trip about 4 hours from home into the foot hills. On the way there, I almost turned around and went back home.

What is happening is at highway speeds, every time I start up any kind of hill, even just a bridge, as I would start any climb, the truck would start cutting out as if it was running out of fuel. If I let up and coast down to about 40 mph, then start to gas it again, it would be OK. Unless I was still going up hill. If I was still climbing it would go OK for a minute or so and then start cutting out again. If I tried to keep an even speed up the hill, it would start dieing.

It seems like it might be having a problem keep the injector oil pressure high enough. When I put the motor under any kind of heavy load, it cuts out. On long flat sections of highway, held at a steady speed, I had no problem.

I thought it might be the MAP sensor so I tried unplugging it and driving a while. Same problem.

Could it be the injector oil pressure regulator? I have a dual HPOP, (Stealth), so I dought it could be the HPOP, but who knows.

Just so you know, I have new fuel filters and a new fuel pump, (Beans fuel system), and I checked the fuel pressure a few times. 60 psi. I also just changed the oil recently so the oil is good.

One other note. Every time this would happen, the speedo would start bouncing a little. So I was wondering about the speed sensor also. Not sure if the speed sensor could make the truck cut out like this and I could not see how the speed sensor could only have problems going up hill but I thought I would mention it.

Any help would be great. I have another trip planned for next weekend so I would like to figure this out soon.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Have you tried the CPS? I know it always gets blamed but, I had a similar situation. It would start missing very badly going up the hill pulling the boat and run fine on flat land. Eventually tried the spare CPS and it solved the problem.
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