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Please help

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i have a 2001 F 350 4X4 with 7.3 and when driving along at 70 mph all the sudden i start to lose power and seeing a little white smoke out of exhaust and when we pulled the fuel filter from under the hood there was oil mixed in with the fuel in the filter and when tried to start it started won't stay running and heard a thumping from the air housing . We think of only 2 things, 1- o-rings on injectors or turbo went , please give us ideas this is the truck my wife uses to haul our daughter for barrel racing for high school rodeo . thanks
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The oil in the fuel filter is definitely a blown oring. Strange that it would kill the truck while running. Have you checked your oil level. If it burned through enough oil that you lost pressure, that could kill the engine. If you want to post your location, one of us with a scanner might be close.

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