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*** All Classified Ads Rules - Read Before Posting! ***

The Classified Ads forums exist as a benefit to site members who may have something to sell, buy, trade etc. TheDieselStop.Com offers no protection for buyers or sellers nor is TheDieselStop.Com required to have any involvement with or responsibility to members who have a dispute of any kind. Disagreements between buyers and sellers must be handled privately through PM’s, emails, phone calls, U.S. mail or any method outside the forums.

Any disputes posted in the forums will be deleted without notice and may result in temporary or permanent termination of posting rights of any and all parties involved.

* Please only post items that are Ford Diesel related (for example: F-150's don't count, neither do other trucks with diesels) If it isn't Ford and it isn't FORD diesel-related, don't post it on TheDieselStop.Com.

* Do not hijack an ad by replying to an ad with your ad. If you have something to sell, post it in a separate thread.

* Do not post chatter in ads. Only make appropriate posts if you want to purchase the item.

* Do not bump your ad unless you have something material to add to it. The "bumping" of your own ad or posted topic just to get it to the top of the forum is unacceptable. Bumps and all following posts will be deleted without notice. If you continue to abuse posting privileges, you may have an infraction assessed to your account and possibly banned.

* Ads are accepted from private individuals only; no commercial ads will be tolerated. Links to Ebay, Auto trader, Craigslist or other sales web sites are not allowed and will be deleted without notice.

* The Other section is for items that don't neatly fit into the standard categories, not for anything and everything. No trailers, ATV's, campers, generators, etc.

* Put all Wanted items in the Wanted section - don't clutter up the other sections.

* Ads will expire after 30 days and will be deleted.

Signature Rules:

* No for sale items may be listed in your signature.

* No info in your signature, profile, or avatar that is contrary to the general forums rules (political, religious, etc).

* Signatures may only list info about your truck and/or other vehicles you own.

* No links to vendors or commercial sites of any kind unless you are a paying sponsor. Signatures and profiles may only contain links to your personal site.

NOTE: Webshots or other similar web sites where you have posted pictures of your truck are allowed.

NOTE: Truck clubs that only sell club related items may have a link to their club.

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