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po500 code

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On my way home from Daytona Beach this weekend, driving down I-4, decided to set cruise, 150 mile trip. Cruise wouldn't turn on, tried several times, no go. After getting home I check codes on my Edge Evolution, it showed the po500 code - vehicle speed sensor error.

Well I went down to my local ford dealer and picked one up($36.00). The old one "looked" ok, but it was a cheap part. I replaced it anyway. I cleared the code, but it came back, and cruise still don't work. Truck runs and drives fine, no loss of power, trans shifts fine, speedometer works, just cruise don't work. My transmission fluid level is in the middle of the safe zone.

The wiring and harness looked and seemed to be in good shape. I didn't see any knicks or stressed points on wires or connector. I have returned the truck to stock on the programmer, but same results. Also the vehicle speed pid on my programmer shows 0 mph, even when traveling 60 mph.

Does anyone have any ideas on what might be going on here? Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Ron
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Most likely it's a damaged wire to the speed sensor. Looking at the harness is almost useless. You need to test it, not look at it.

It is also possible that the tone ring in the differential is damaged. If the sensor doesn't see the tone ring you get the same result, no speed sensor input to the transmission.
It probably won't hurt it to drive it like that.

Check for continuity from the sensor to the PCM near the driver's side battery. Don't push leads into the connector or you'll spread the pins guaranteeing a problem. Probe the backside of the connectors.

You need to remove the diff cover to see the tone ring.
There is a turbine speed sensor, and intermediate speed sensor, and an output speed sensor. All three are on top of the trans.

The output is at the rear, the intermediate is in the middle of the trans, and the turbine speed is near the front of the trans, just behind the bellhousing.

P0500 means vehicle speed, and that's the sensor on the rear axle.
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