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Popping Noise??

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On my 1999 F-350 crew 4x4 with 7.3 I am getting a strage popping noise and feel when I gas on it and also when I go over bumps and turning. Could this be a sway bar bushing issue or even the driveline??

I have checked the motor mounts and they appear to be fine.

Also when i slow down it starts to shake pretty bad as if the rotors are chattering? I kinda figure this problem may be 1 thing that is all related?

thanks again

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Universal joints can create issues when one of the axis starts to sieze. It might not have any noticable play in it, so actually rotating it is the only way to find it. One the front axles, the u-joints can start making going straight a problem, needing constant steering. On the driveshaft it will cause a vibration and popping as it binds the shaft and then releases.
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