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Popping Noise??

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On my 1999 F-350 crew 4x4 with 7.3 I am getting a strage popping noise and feel when I gas on it and also when I go over bumps and turning. Could this be a sway bar bushing issue or even the driveline??

I have checked the motor mounts and they appear to be fine.

Also when i slow down it starts to shake pretty bad as if the rotors are chattering? I kinda figure this problem may be 1 thing that is all related?

thanks again

Great Site!!!!
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Hijacking this one...I have a 2000 F350 that's doing the SAME thing. I've replaced the hub and the ball joints to no avail. Can it be the bearings in the drive axle? or the transfer case? It seems to go away after the truck drives for a while and warms un in this Arizona heat. Thoughts?
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