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I have been a Dodge CTD fan and have a great 03 DRW with many options that I use to carry a camper.
However, my parents just bought a motorhome and no longer need their truck and 5th wheel and are willing to let me have it for cheap. (free)
As much as I like my Dodge, I can't beat the price.
Truck is a 93 or 94 not sure but it has the factory turbo and is not a PS.
F350 DRW 2wd. 4:11(10?) gearing Set up to tow 5th wheel as well it has the tiedowns for my Lance.
He has had the trans and rearend rebuilt in the past couple of years. (approx 15k mi) as well as many smaller items such as waterpump etc.
It seems to overheat recently even after having the radiatior boiled out.
Truck is in good shape except for 1 infamous dually fender.
Is there a better aftermarket radiator or mod that will help this truck?
Also, what are the specs for power, HP/Tq? I've done the mods to a couple of trucks and plan to leave this one stock. He pulled a 32ft 5th wheel around the county so the power should be ok, although hes not Ricky Racer.
For what I need to use it for, I just want reliability and longevity out of it.
Any info, advice or pointers that would help is greatly appreciated.

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you might get more help in the non powerstroke 7.3 forum, this one is for 99-03 7.3s
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