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possibly the injectors?

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i just got on R&R here last week. packed up the truck and headed home west to western PA. on the way the ol girl was bucking pretty violently once it hit over 35 mph up until about 65. to the point where i had to turn off OD and let the rpms stay high until i got to highway speeds. all the while on heavy accelerating it sounded like it was missing mixed with a little white smoke.

well lately its been a bugger to get started. usually it takes a good 10 seconds of cranking, followed by the romps and alot of white smoke.

this morning i was pulling up to a stop light and it was fine, on take off it stuttered with an rpm drop and finally picked back up, i almost thought it was going to stall. well its been doing that all day now, but only when its warmed up.

im starting to heavily suspect the injectors, but i wanted to get some other opinions. Thanks guys,

Early1999 f250, ext cab long bed, 325k miles.
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they're either originals or they're rebuilt as they have the original solenoids on top. i just replaced the injector orings before winter set in last year trying to cure a magical loss of oil. that fixed the oil situation but everything else was still the same. i left right as winter set in december and the trucks been sitting since then.
ive been on the fence on the autoengunity, so i might finally break down and buy it. ive got some cash to burn anyways.

no oil in the icp either.
Update. I got ae in today.
Hooked it up and the first things it pulled was:
P1280 icp sensor circuit low
P0123 intake air temp circuit high output
P0344 cps sensor a circuit intermittent (bank 1 or single sensor)
P1210 icp higher than desired (engine off)
P1211 icp higher/lower than desired (engine running)

I've replaced the cps from one at ford yesterday so I'm sure that's just a lingering code that needed cleared. But the issues still remain.
Icp pressure stayed at around 580 during idle and would bounce up to 2300 while on the go pedal
The icp duty cycle stayed down in the 5's while idle and would jump around to about 12 at 50 mph and intermittently jumped to 28 back down to 5 while off. This.. almost sounds normal.

I've got it chipped, it was off for testing and none of my symptoms really showed up while driving. Like I said before, stalling while taking off from a red light, no power, a lot of bucking.

Another note, I also ran the koeo and it popped up with the "open banks" both sides.
The cylinder controbution test came back normal and the buzz test kinda gave me the idea 4 and 6 whre a little weaker then the rest.
Anyone able to give me a little ensight on my problem? I'm stuck at FT dix and wanna get home to pa, but don't wanna leave till I get this thing tackled. Thanks,

Also, I probably should've mentioned this. The truck actually ran for an unknown amount of time withouttt the big metal cylinder that slides on the back of the ipr. The piece that has the pig tail attached to it. I've got an ipr and icp shipped on the way. Thanks again
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I ordered the rebuild kit here two weeks back and put it back on with a new nut and spacer. All these issues popped up after doing that unfornautally. I had hoped for the same thing.
P1211 icp higher/lower than desired (engine running)

alrightt. i just got frustrated with some family issues and i packed up the truck and left anyhow. the chip was out the whole 300 mile trip. issues continued w/o it. however i did notice something interesting.
when i would start up a steep grade (they stretch for miles in pa) the icp duty cycle will climb and continue climbing until it finally caps itself out at 64.84%. it will not go any higher and it wont easily pick up speed once it starts. i feel like im driving a rig, once you lose the speed on an incline, you don't get it back.
once you start on the decline though it drops drastically which is where the code comes from. i timed it, and everytime it would go high and drop on the decline it would throw the code (im thinking from a sudden drop and AE reads this as a problem)

icp pressure on the other hand is good i assume from everyone telling me the defaults. pressure remains bouncy from anywhere between 700 psi to 2680 holding no particular pressure at any real given time unless really on the go pedal.

i found that out, but i still have no idea what any of it means. ughh.
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